What is Medical Marijuana? Why it isn’t FDA Approved?

With the term medical marijuana, we mean using the unprocessed, pure marijuana plant of its extracts to cure symptoms of illnesses and various other illnesses. The marijuana plant has not been approved or recognized by the US Food & Drug Administration as medicine.

But according to scientific studies, you should mail order marijuana as it contains chemicals like cannabinoids which led to two medications approved by the FDA which contain the chemicals in the form of pills. This research is supposed to lead to several other medications.

As the marijuana plant contains chemicals which may be helpful to treat various symptoms and illnesses, several people may argue that it must be legal for medicinal purposes. Actually, licensed marijuana Canada has been widely available in several states.

Why it isn’t an FDA Approved Medicine?

To determine the potential risks and benefits of a certain medication, FDA requires well conducted clinical trials in thousands of human volunteers. There is a lack of research and large-scale clinical trials, so far, which can prove the benefits of marijuana (despite its cannabinoid ingredients) to outperform its risks.


Cannabionoids are actually the chemicals based on delta-9 –THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is the main mood-lifting ingredient in marijuana that can make you high. It contains up to 100 cannabinoids. This is why people order weed online.